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Dr. John Joseph foundation works among the less fortunate children to create a change in their lives, regardless of religion, race or gender. It is an organisation that empowers to make a difference. We aim to ensure that every under privileged child attains to his or her right to education, health and opportunity. Our Vision as a non-profit organisation is to give the under privileged children hope and a future.

Who Runs ?

Churchill Joseph, the adopted son of Rev. Dr. John Joseph was brought up under the watchful and caring eyes of the great man, and he was his guide to him in all ways till he was called to Heavenly Abode.

In the year 1980, he and his mother were isolated by his father for inexplicable reasons in Chennai, India. For 6 months his mother was on relentless pressure working as a maid in a house to make the 1-year-old baby survive, whilst facing severe humiliation. After 6 months, there was a turning point in their life. It was then they met Rev. Dr. John Joseph in the house where they were staying. On seeing the mother and the child, the benevolent servant of God adopted them and they became members of his respected family. After his education, he became so much involved in Church activities. He now is:

Director – Operations(India)
Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation, United Kingdom
Director – Operations(India)
Onside Soccer, United Kingdom

It has always been a desire of Dr. John Joseph to start a place to help the downtrodden children and help the poor and needy. Mr. Churchill has been under the guidance of Dr. John Joseph which developed him to have the idea to start this foundation for a noble cause. As Churchill’s mother has told him the difficult situations that she went through in bringing him up, he has always had the urge right from his school days to help children with no support.

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Testimonials - Dr. John Joseph Foundation

Today I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Churchill for the hard work and the love he has shown to the less fortunate and needy children, he his giving them a life that would help them succeed in the future and achieve their dreams. Looking after children really needs time and dedication. He has put in so much of hard work and effort to spend time with the children, checking on their day to day needs, providing for their needs, fullfilling their hearts desires. In spite of his busy schedule with family and children. He has always found the time everyday to visit the children and be with them, spending quality time with them. Churchil you are truly an inspiration to many. God bless you and family and Dr. John Joseph Foundation for the great work. I will continue to pray for you and family and children of John Joseph Foundation that the Organization will excell and succeed in everything you do and i also pray that your growth will extend and many more children be added and be blessed. God bless you and family and Organization always.

Becky Brooks

Customer Specialists in a MNC Company

I have worked with Churchill on a number of projects over the last few years and would have no hesitation in recommending him as someone to do business with. He is a committed individual, extremely well organised and delivers on his promises. He works very easily in a cross cultural context and has made Onside Soccer’s work in India hassle free. He is well respected in Chennai through the Dr John Joseph Foundation, an organisation which does excellent work in the city.

Paul Harbinson

Managing Director - The Sir Stanley Matthews Coaching Foundation

I’m fortunate to have worked with Churchill on several occasions, delivering sustainable sports projects for children in Chennai. His primary focus is always the needs of others. He works tirelessly to improve the lives of many individuals through the work of the Dr John Joseph Foundation, a superb charity! I happily recommend him here on LinkedIn, and in person whenever I have the opportunity.

Daniel Bate

Football Development Manager creating sustainable sports projects in the jungles of Borneo & East Malaysia
Dr. John Joseph Foundation
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