Dr. John Joseph


Father sent from heaven above
To reach the lost, longing for love
A precious seed, to those in need
Who fell to the earth and brought forth
A bud like me

Helpless, homeless, hopeless,
My mother with me on the streets
We found in him a light,
Which, made all our ways bright
The world rejected me as a child
He projected me as his son
Filled with a father’s mind and mother’s heart
He made me a man
Revealing God’s plan.

Aimless, worthless, comfortless,
Many surrounded by darkness
They found in him a flame
Which, removed all their shame
Those forgotten by the world
He begot them as his own
Blessed with God’s love and brotherly touch
He left us on earth
Showing us his path…

This poem dedicated to Rev. Dr John Joseph – Founder Christ for Every Soul Ministries

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