It gives me the utmost pleasure to meet you all through this medium. There have been growing concerns in Tamil Nadu regarding the increase in the number of children and infants being abandoned every day by the parents due to social and cultural factors. There are over 100 million abandoned children and infants in the world today and India is home to a large number of them. There are an estimated 65 million orphans in Asia alone.

The children either end up in streets or as victims of child trafficking, while poverty and financial conditions have led the parents to do so. I, myself am one among the million children been abandoned by my father.

After facing a lot of humiliation and difficult times and with a lot of struggle my mother fought her way to bring me up. She worked as a maid in houses to earn us a living. There was a light of hope in our lives. Our lives changed. It was when we met Dr. John Joseph.

He saw our situation and adopted me and my mom as his own family members and took us to his house. The great Man of God gave us food, shelter, clothing and provided me education. I wanted to be a channel of blessing to many such abandoned. This made me start Dr. John Joseph Foundation. The motive behind is to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the less fortunate children by providing them love, care, nourishment, guidance and the highest level of education so they grow to be valued members of the society with a promising future and a memorable past. Without the support of the donors and partners, the foundation would not have seen three successful years. I take this opportunity to thank them all for being great pillars of support of the foundation.

Thank you all for the benevolence.

We have taken a lot of initiatives to conduct fundraising events, awareness programs, etc. Many organizations have come forward to do programs under our banner to anticipate charity. My thanks to all who are working with us for this great cause.

Join hands with us to give these little ones a better future. Together, let us make this world a better place.