Srinivas Devarajan, CEO - Sentryforce Securitas Pvt Ltd, Chennai

“Proud to be part of consummate care for indigent, conceived and grown by Dr.John Joseph foundation, adeptly steered by Churchill Joseph”.

Dileep Kumar, Real Estate Agent & Architect, Chennai

May God bless the ministry. Good work done.

Sunesh Thomas & Srividhya, IT Engineers, Chennai

Pray God abundantly bless this home. This home is run in a very good condition, care & love for children. This a good home – God bless.

Pooja, Chennai

Nice home with very sweet kids ?

Sanjay P Promod, Chennai

Wonderful! Awesome! God bless.

Isaac Nirmal, IT Engineer, Chennai

Great time with the boys.

Samuel Joseph & Jessie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Fantastic Amenities 4 lovely kids, very happy to see the love and the manners of the boys here. God bless this organization with His riches.

G Suraj, IT Specialists, Chennai

Lovely kids and well behaved during the visit. God bless the kids with good health.

Siva Jaikumar, District Child Protection Officer, Chennai, Government Of Tamil Nadu

General visit home is neat and clean. Records are perfect. Kindly conduct HMC and renewal the proposal as early as possible.

David & Anne Gardner, London, United Kingdom.

Great home that is developing. Some great boys. Keep up the good work & good luck with the goal of building a school.

Raja Jasper, Evangelist, Nandamabakkam, Chennai

I was blessed to visit this home, it was indeed a great joy. The kids were so full of life. I have decided to stay connected Shalom.

K Manoharan, Special PA/ Under Secretary To Government Of Tamil Nadu, Public Department, Secretariat, Chennai

Well Maintained. Disciplined boys. The children are well nourished by the organizers. Really, appreciable. Thank you.

A Zarina, Lecturer, Women’s Christian College, Chennai

Well maintained, prayerfully done work God bless. Had opportunity to visit the home as counselor.

A Zarina, Vimal Godwin J & Karolyn Godwin, Chennai

Had a very good time celebrating my son birthday along with Rithish, who was also celebrating his birthday today. Boys were so sweet and they enjoyed the yummy “Biriyani”. Love to come back soon.

Rev. Dr. Colin Raymond, Chennai

I felt truly blessed to be in the midst of children, also with the boys of the Dr John Joseph Foundation at Samantha’s b’day party. Children are the foundation for future generations. God bless Churchill his family and his mom for the responsibilities they take in molding children. God bless them all.

Sharon Perreira, Home Maker, Chennai.

It was a real blessing to be with the children. They are very well disciplined and loving. We were all blessed and happy to have food along with them, play with them and spend a lovely evening with these beautiful kids. I pray that God bless each and every kid with good health wisdom and protect them. We love you kids from the bottom of our heart and bless you all. God bless Thank you so much for opening the home to us to come and spend time with you all. God bless.

Sumithra Rajakumari, Chennai.

I feel it is a God’s plan…. Never planned the visit….but just got little more time today… was very nice to interact with children who are really talented & blessed because of the privilege and care they get from Dr.JJF. Am happy that am too blessed by their prayers when I started contributing to Dr. JJF.

Rehena Ameer, Member Court Of Common Council, City Of London, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure meeting all the children. Was moved by the artwork they made for me. Appreciate Churchill and his family for a fantastic work they do. Keep up the great work!

Tyron, Logistics, Chennai

It was my pleasure to meet these beautiful children over here. It was a very good feeling. God bless.

J Chandur Matta, Business Person, Chennai

Great Job, God loving person.

Tim Anderson, Sutton, United Kingdom

Great home with great kids run by a great guy. Praying ever blessing on the home

Jamie Glencross

A Fantastic place!

Mr Merybal

Happy to see the Children – Thank God for the Inspiration.