Make a change

You can create a world where no child goes to bed hungry.

Educational Support Group – Wing 1

Here we focus on the academic attainment in the education of a Student by providing scholarship. The foundation was able to create a support system for 10 such potential children and we intend to continue this scholarship till they complete their schooling.

AHAVA – Wing 2

A safe haven for the deprived children. An atmosphere where their basic needs, education, health and all the required development for their normal growth are met and where they are cared for. The name was derived from the Hebrew word Ahava, which means love. Truly, as the name goes for this project, the children are showered with love. There are seven children who are in this wing. The kids who are tagged in this wing, not only receive the educational support, but they also get food, clothing and shelter. This project was started on May 29th, 2010. We had Mr.Amaresh Pujari, I.P.S (Training) inaugurate the home. We accomplish our dreams by individual donors who go beyond giving money to find ways to leverage their time, talents, and connections to advance the causes they care about. Dr. John Joseph Foundation envisages in creating a perspicacious awareness in the society where the right of the child to education is respected.